South African Edition


KUDU The KUDU is revered by all in southern Africa. It is called the grey ghost as he can disappear in a blink of an eye. This gorgeous Defender 90 in Arles Blue with its Saddle Brown interior will remain in your memory long after it disappears down the road. 5 Speed Manual Repowered V8 3.5 Petrol Defender 90 Station…

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The Etosha Ghost, a custom build Defender , ready for adventure.

Etosha Ghost

Etosha Ghost Like the huge elephants known as the Etosha Ghost who rule the northern salt pans of Namibia this amazing Defender 110 will be equally impressive at its home in America. This unique Porsche Chalk finish with Alcantara interior will be an absolute showstopper. 5 Speed Manual Repowered Land Rover V8 3.5 L Petrol Defender 110 Station Wagon DETAILS…

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Rhinos on our Trek

Classic Overland’s African Trek

At Classic Overland, we don’t just built bespoke defenders based on our experience in Georgia. We do our research. Stebin recently arrived home after his expedition to South Africa, the home base of Classic Overland. He was accompanied by his childhood friend, Shannon and of course, there was business to be done. However, no African trip is complete without some…

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Buffalo Weaver

Buffalo Weaver The Buffalo Weaver Edition is our base model Right Hand Drive 110. This vehicle has everything you need in a ground-up restoration to go anywhere and look good doing it, while staying true to the Defender's timeless styling and utilitarian lines 5 Speed Manual Repowered Land Rover 3.5 liter V8 Petrol Defender 110 Station Wagon DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT…

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