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Kameelperd Kameelperd is Afrikaans for Giraffe. This incredible 300 TDI has set a new standard in Defender luxury. It’s amazing Tesla Green exterior combined with its saddle brown and black African leather make it one of the most beautiful Land Rover Defenders in the world. Price $140, 000 5 Speed Automatic 300 TDI Diesel Truck: Defender 110 Station Wagon *This…

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African Tusker The mystical African Tuskers have been chased throughout southern African for hundreds of years. These special elephants have tusks that drag the ground and display their dominance just like this incredible Defender 110. Powered by a GM LS3 this 495 hp beast with 6 speed automatic transmission will make its presence known. Price $165, 000 6 Speed Automatic…

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Krok An Overlanding Beast, this beautiful Willow Green Metallic Defender 110 Krok Edition will rule its habitat just like the African Crocodiles do the rivers of southern Africa. A repowered Land Rover V8 with fuel injection combined with a gorgeous tan and brown carbon fiber interior with African leather throughout. Price $155, 000 5 Speed Manual Repowered Land Rover V8…

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Lilac A timeless classic, this 50th Anniversary Heritage build is as beautiful as the bird it’s named after the “Lilac Breasted Roller” of Kruger National Park. A repowered Land Rover V8 with fuel injection combined with a gorgeous tan interior and unique Springbok Centre Console. Price $95, 000 5 Speed Manual Repowered Land Rover V8 3.5 L Petrol Defender 110…

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Springbok The Springbok is a combination of refined luxury and no-nonsense power. With the new Cummins 2.8 Turbo diesel and 6 speed automatic transmission this vehicle will have more than enough power under the hood, while the high-end African leather interior feels right at home in the Defender 110 cabin. Price $135, 000 6 Speed Auto Cummins 2.8 Turbo Diesel…

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Imbuvu Edition The Imbuvu Edition represents a gorgeous Classic Overland signature build. This repowered V8 3.5 has been fitted with a Puma Dash and the rip-stop canvas interior will be able to handle all the surf and sand Cape Cod can throw at it on the East Coast. Price $160, 000 5 Speed Manual Repowered V8 3.5 Diesel Defender 110…

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