American Edition

overlander defender

Stanley Crane

Stanley Crane The Stanley Crane Edition is a one-off Bespoke Overlander that is ready to see the world. Custom storage units, multiple sleeping compartments all self-contained inside the vehicle powered by a strong diesel engine to crawl to distant points of interest. 5 Speed Manual Repowered 200 TDI Diesel Diesel Defender 110 Station Wagon DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT A REPOWEREDCLASSICDetails Truck:…

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African Hoopoe

African Hoopoe The African Hoopoe Edition screams "Hook'em Horns". This bespoke Land Rover Defender Crew Cab 110 is painted in UT Burnt Orange and Santorini Black with a similar custom leather interior. The Defender Crew Cab is a beautiful version of the 110 with its short truck bed it offers distinct lines that will turn heads everywhere it goes. 5…

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Wildebeest The Wildebeest keeps to the classic look that has defined Land Rover Defenders for decades with its Coniston Green and Black Wolf Rims. It’s Cognac and Black African leather provides the perfect contrast to the gorgeous exterior. Powered by a Repowered V8 3.5 engine with 6 speed automatic this Defender is surely the talk of the town 5 Speed…

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Rhino When you think of the perfect Overlanding vehicle you think of the Classic Overland Rhino edition. Nothing is stopping this beast with its 300 TDI engine. Pair that with the utility of the wolf rims, overland accessories and creature comforts for the outdoors and you can go anywhere in the world you choose. 5 Speed Manual Repowered 300 TDi…

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