4×4 Driving

land rover defender

Let’s Talk Engines

As professional Land Rover Defender builders, we know that an engine is the heart and soul of any 4×4. It is the part that needs the most consideration when customizing your off-road vehicle. We guide our customers in choosing the right engine by asking them one simple question: “What kind of driver are you?”. You most likely have your reasons…

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custom built Land rover

Top Four 4×4 Custom Building Processes

With many trendy customizations available, it’s hard to know where to start when improving your car’s capabilities. But alas, that’s what we’re here for. You need the help of a specialized off-road shop to help transform your vehicle into a capable, custom built Land Rover. Like every 4×4 enthusiast, we’re sure you’re interested in the magic that goes behind customizing…

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custom built 4x4

Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

If you love spending your summers off-road, tinting the windows of your custom built 4×4 Land Rover is the perfect modification. Even though it adds an undeniable ‘cool’ factor, this feature also offers multiple safety and convenience benefits. And there’s nothing cooler than safe driving. The intense heat of America’s summer days can have adverse effects on your vehicle, especially…

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