Buying a Land Rover looks different for every off-roadster. Maybe you enjoy a steady cruise along the shore, a long trip into the outdoors, or just a drive through the city. Maybe, you want a combination of all these things. Either way, a customized vehicle will give you the freedom to explore wherever your heart desires. 

At Classic Overland, we build Defenders that push limits and get you through the most challenging of terrain. But, if you just need a cool ride to get you from A to B, we can make that happen too. Buying a Land Rover doesn’t have to be complicated, at least not with us. Read below as we give you a guide to deciding what kind of Defender is best for you. 

For the Coastal Cruiser 

If seashores or fishing lakes are what floats your boat, you need a Defender that will help you drive through sand and recover quickly from contact with water. 

A Soft-top Defender is ideal if you’re a beach bum, a surfer, or just love driving along the coast. Our Soft-top Warthog Defender will have your fellow beach bums turning their heads as you cruise down the road. It’s a two-door 110 Defender with a V8 3.5 engine, ready to make your summer adventures the best yet. 

If you’re a fishing fanatic, you too need a Defender that will be able to withstand a few splashes or even cross rivers. Driving through water? Make it less intimidating with a 4×4 that’s equipped to get you to the other side. In addition to this, choosing a Defender with a snorkel is your best bet for this type of escapade. Take a look at our Imbuvu Edition Defender, fitted with a high-quality snorkel Overlanding accessory that makes crossing river beds less tricky. 

For the Camper 

Everybody enjoys a camping getaway every now and then. But, the real die-hards spend their time outdoors any chance they get. So, if this is your forte, you need a Defender that’s not only going to get you to your destination but provide convenience too. 

When setting out on a lengthy trip, you need to bring a lot of ‘stuff’ along, which can often take up space. However, the journey to your campsite could be pretty unpleasant if your Defender is not equipped to store things like tents, barbecue stands, and fishing rods.  

We have built a Land Rover that provides ample storage space, and better yet, accommodates room for sleeping. The Stanley Crane Edition Defender is the perfect home on wheels that features a pop-top roof allowing you to convert your vehicle into a mini-home. In addition, you can spend every night under the stars thanks to this awesome Overlanding accessory. 

For the Explorer (of Africa) 

Overlanding through Africa is an unforgettable experience. With our roots set in its plain, we have and continue to travel across the bush. From our many adventures, we can tell you that this kind of journey needs preparation and a vehicle that can take on the toughest terrain. And if there’s any vehicle for the job, it’s a Land Rover Defender. 

Of course, you need a few modifications for traveling through Africa. These include things like a roof rack, all-terrain tires, and the appropriate electrical upgrades. 

If you plan on taking on Africa four wheels at a time, we can’t think of a better signature build for the job than our Kameelperd Edition Defender. Built for exploring, this 110 Land Rover is capable of taking you to the most remote parts of the Sahara. 

For the Classics Collector 

We get it. For some drivers, buying a Land Rover is a hobby, and we can respect that kind of commitment. A well-kept Defender is dependable, tough, and just downright easy on the eyes – what’s not to love? 

If you’re passionate about classic cars, you definitely need to have a Land Rover Defender in your collection. The rich history of the Defender has traveled many roads to get to where it is today. We honor this history by centering our restorations around its traditional structure.

Our Buffalo Weaver Edition Defender is the perfect example. This timeless beast is one of our more simple signature builds, but still capable of taking you anywhere. With a Santorini Black paint job and vintage leather interior, you’ll want to add this 4×4 to your garage as soon as possible. 

Buying a Land Rover With Classic Overland 

No matter what kind of driver you are, there’s something for everyone at Classic Overland. We build custom vehicles that inspire you to keep doing what you love – whatever that may be. 

Contact us today, and we’ll get started on building the Land Rover that’s going to take you far and wide. 

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