African Sunbird

Considered one of South Africa’s most beautiful birds the African Sunbird puts on an absolute stunning display of color and charisma. This 50th Anniversary Edition Heritage build with its unique tartan plaid and saddle brown finish is an absolute sight to behold. 10 Speed Auto GM LT1 Petrol Defender 110 Station Wagon DETAILS GALLERY CONTACT



  • Truck: Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon
  • Color: Heritage Grasmere Green
  • Style: Signature
  • Steering: Left Hand Drive
  • Engine: GM LT1 with 10 speed automatic transmission


  • Color: Heritage Grasmere Green
  • Bezel: Heritage
  • Bumper: Signature with LED Runners
  • Bonnet: Puma
  • Air Intakes: KBX
  • Head Lights: LED
  • Signal Lights: LED Colored
  • Wheels: Wolf Rims
  • Tires: Cooper A/T
  • Sound Proofing: Dynamat
  • Step Bars: Silver Nerf Bar
  • Rear Bumper: NAS Spec w/ 2” Receiver


  • Seat Material: African Leather and Cloth
  • Interior Color: Saddle Brown and Tartan
  • Center Console: Custom Cubby w/Dual Cup Holders and Dual USB ports
  • Seat Configuration: 2F – 3M – 2R
  • Dash: Land Rover PUMA
  • Gauge Cluster: Signature
  • Entertainment: Alpine 7” LCD w/ Reverse Camera
  • Speakers: JBL-6 Way w/ Sub-woofer
  • Flooring: Weather Stop Rubber w/ Land Rover Floor Mats
  • Windows: Power Front
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Fast Flight


Sunbirds have thin, downward curved bill and tubular tongue covered with bristles. They have direct, fast type of flight thanks to short wings and long tail. Despite great similarity with hummingbirds, sunbirds and hummingbirds are not closely related.

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