Few vehicles summon up the romance and nostalgia of the classic Land Rover Defender. Designed to rove the land, regardless of conditions, the Defender has stood for freedom, independence, and adventure for decades. 

Now, we’re not talking about just any Land Rover Defender; we’re talking about the classics. 

The 90 and 110 series are the strings to our hearts here at Classic Overland. These Defenders take us back to our childhood of hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring, and hold some of the best tailgate memories to date. These are the Defenders that we were heartbroken to see an end in production, which have become a rarity in the US, pushing it even further into the realm of exclusivity.

At Classic Overland, not only do we bring these rare vintage Defenders to the US, but we’ve introduced a new breed of custom vintage Land Rover Defenders — the Classic Overland Upland Series

Our Upland Series is the perfect transportation addition for plantation, farm, and resort owners. Read on to find out how other plantation owners benefit from offering their guests a unique hunting and travel experience in an open-air Land Rover Defender and explore our Upland Series custom builds.


We created the Upland Series for those who own a large property and cherish the opportunity to take family, friends, and clients out to enjoy the land. The Upland Series allows you to offer quality upland hunting along with sundowners and fine dining experiences anywhere on your property to make lasting memories and get more out of your investment.

The base model for the Upland Series is the iconic Land Rover Defender 110 powered by your choice of a V8 3.5 liter or 200 TDI diesel. Buyers can select from a variety of colors for their exterior and interior finishes and choose to include a multitude of onboard accessories such as tables, chairs, water storage, and more for a comfortable journey.


Because Southwind Plantation is always looking to give its guests an unparalleled experience, it’s fitting that they offer only the best transportation option possible.

We worked with Southwind Plantation and custom-built a vehicle that would transport their guests back to the old-school glamour of a luxury safari. With seating for 8, a padded gun box, a capacity for 4 to 8 dog crates, and a 360-degree open-air view, South Wind Plantation offers guests an exceptional experience in a timeless classic. 


Fully kitted for the outdoors with enough space for the whole family, the dogs, a barbecue, hunting gear, campaign gear, and more, our Defender 110 Upland Series is built for adventure.

Imported from South Africa, we source only the best of the best in vintage Defender originals and handle all the paperwork, pre-inspection, and registration processes for you. 

Set yourself apart and speak to us about a discounted price on ordering multiple Upland trucks for your farm or resort.

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