A Land Rover Classic Defender is for anyone with a love of the outdoors and a thirst for adventure. So much so that we, at Classic Overland,  believe in creating lasting memories that you can pass down from generation to generation. 

And what better way to start building a lasting legacy than passing down your love for the outdoors to your kids. Getting them behind the wheel of a Land Rover Classic Defender is where it all starts. So, let the good times roll!

Take it slow and steady

Although it may be tempting to put your Defender to the test to teach your kid the ropes to 4×4 driving, it may be better to take it slow and steady – in the beginning at least. Then, as your kid starts to become more familiar with the terrain, be it sand or snow, they will begin to learn the feel of how the vehicle glides on the ground below. 

Moreover, if the ground below is particularly treacherous, going slow with a Defender with a lower suspension is better. It can assist your kid in maneuvering around obstacles instead of knocking them full-on. Incidents like these can result in costly damage to your Defender. 

Give the road ahead a once over 

Teaching your kids the ins and outs of 4x4ing is about teaching them the thrill of heading into unknown. And exploring where no man has gone before, so to speak. However, failing to give the road ahead a quick once-over before heading out can put an abrupt end to a fun adventure. 

As an example, you may find that the route you planned to take ends in a dead-end or a sheer drop. Therefore, always make sure to peruse your route beforehand to ensure the excitement of the trip doesn’t end before it even begins. 

Mastering off-camber driving

Mastering off-camber driving is an invaluable skill to teach anyone new to off-roading.  While the thrill of riding over untouched earth is the ultimate definition of off-roading, it can at times be downright scary. You can start by showing your kid how an off-camber surface dips off at an angle to leave your wheel spinning in mid-air. And how this sudden shift in equilibrium can cause the balance of your Land Rover Classic Defender to shift to one side, causing the vehicle to roll over. 

Fortunately, all our Land Rover Defenders draw their inspiration from formidable African wildlife. For instance, the African Tusker Defender Edition has a roll cage that will protect the roof of your classic Land Rover Defender should it take a roll and tumble—and is naturally designed to counteract the pull of gravity. 

That said, some 4x4s are naturally better at handling off-camber terrains than others. Hardtop 4x4s are generally heavier than soft tops, and the more souped your Defender is with add-on accessories, the more weight it will carry and the less sway it will allow. 

Get a wheel-up – one at a time  

Scaling obstacles doesn’t always require sheer V8 motor strength (although this can certainly help). However, teaching your kid to get through the roughest terrain does involve skill and patience. And by patience, we mean going up and over one wheel at a time. This singular wheel approach prevents a situation where two or more wheels get stuck spinning in mud or mid-air. 

When adventure calls

Getting your kid behind the wheel of a Land Rover Classic Defender has never been easier (or more affordable).

So contact us today if you are ready to teach your kid all about why the Land Rover Classic Defender is the best way to travel outdoors on wheels. 

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