Whoever said rebuilding Land Rover V8 Defenders is easy probably doesn’t know the effort that goes into such a mammoth project. Sure, it does require a fair bit of planning and creativity. But what we will say is that the end result is well worth the effort (and hard work) that goes into it. So if you fancy building your very own Defender from scratch, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how to get started. 

Looking good from the inside out

Naturally, the first place that comes to mind regarding refurbishing Land Rover V8 Defenders has to be its interior. Starting with the seating (and depending on what shape they’re in), you may want to consider reupholstering them. While leather seats continue to be the most popular option, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear there are other just as durable options too. Vinyl, for example, is a more cost-effective version of leather that looks just as nice. 

Then, of course, there is always the option of Alcantara fabric. In fact, it’s the new 4×4 fabric that more and more off-roaders are opting for over and above traditional leather. Considered a comfier and more ‘livelier’ version of leather, Alcantara delivers on style and luxury, not forgetting the all too important comfortability factor too. 

Add-ons you can’t afford to go without

Of course, refurbishing the interior of a Defender wouldn’t mean much if you didn’t have add-ons such as a stellar sound system, GPS navigation system, or the option of air conditioning or heating, for that matter. As far as these features go, we know what it’ll take to make your fellow off-roaders green with envy. Some might call it over the top. We prefer to think of it as adding a bit of pizzazz to make the ordinary that much more memorable. 

Furthermore, as far as entertainment features go, we have something for everyone. Keep the teens happy on long Overlanding adventures with subwoofers that groove along to the beat of nature. Or excite the little ones with a Kenwood infotainment system. Better yet, why not elevate your riding experience with an Alpine 7″ LCD w/ Reverse Camera, for example?

Refresh its look with a fresh coat of paint

As much as we love refurbishing the interior of a Defender, repainting it is where the real fun and excitement is at. After all, the color of your Defender can say a great deal about you. So you might as well make the best impression you can with the paint job you decide to go with. Suppose you don’t have a clue of what to choose, we can most certainly help you on that front. Just see our exciting array of Defenders with African-inspired colors for some inspiration. 

Kit it out to the max

Of course, what would your next Overlanding trip be without accessories to go with it? Again, we like to push ourselves to the limit as much as we like limitless adventures. We get that Overlanding can look different for everyone. Therefore, we like to give you plenty of options to pick from. Such as… 

Roof racks

As far as off-roading goes, roof racks are one of those essential add-ons you can’t do without, especially if you have loads you plan to do while out on the road. Furthermore, roof racks give you the extra storage space you need so that you can free up more space inside your Defender. Plus, there are just certain items you can’t possibly wedge in comfortably no matter how hard you try, such as surfboards, camping gear, or boating equipment, for instance. 


Take on the road less explored with bright spotlights that can light up the way before you. So you’ll be able to see (and dodge) obstacles in front of you way ahead of time. Our halogen spotlights are ideal for illuminating your path in less than ideal conditions, allowing you to drive with confidence.

Bull bars

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out bull bars to make your off-roading experience that much more efficient (not to mention much safer). Bull bars also protect your 4×4 from damage from logs, rocks (and sometimes animals) to ensure your Defender stays in mint condition. Plus, bull bars look pretty mean, too, and many an off-road enthusiast wouldn’t be caught dead without them.

We’ll help you customize your Defender

If refurbishing your Defender sounds like a project you’d be more than willing to take on, we’ll happily take on the process with you to customize your Defender into something you can be proud of.

Contact us at Classic Overland for more information.

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