Overlanding with the family doesn’t have to be a nightmare; in fact, you can make it the most exciting getaway yet. As all parents do, you probably have some safety concerns, not to mention wondering how you’re going to keep the kids entertained. However, if you’d like them to become little adventurers, taking them on off-road trips as much as possible could be the first step. 

With things like cell phones, iPads, and other technology clouding their brains, it’s important to remind your little ones of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Read below as we give you five tips for creating a fun and safe off-roading trip for your kids. 

5 Tips for Overlanding With the Family 
1. Safety First: Get the Kids in Gear 

Depending on where you’re going and for how long, you need to ensure your little ones are buckled up for the bumpy road ahead. You’re probably thinking, ‘of course I’m going to put my kid’s seatbelt on’, but it’s about more than that. 

When off-roading, you may come across some rather challenging terrain that could have your children jumping around in the backseat. And although this could be a fun experience, you need to protect them with the appropriate gear, so something like a helmet is an excellent safety measure. 

You might also consider dressing them in layers, as the temperature can drop quite suddenly at higher altitudes. If you’re planning on stepping out to explore the landscapes, remember to pack the right ‘tires’ for the little ones, aka proper, covered footwear. And then, of course, all the usual things like bug spray and first-aid kits are essential if you’re bringing your little troopers along.

2. ‘Are We There Yet?’: Engage With Your Kids Throughout the Journey

Kids are always likely to get bored in the car, even when you’re off-roading. This is why it’s essential to engage with them for as long as possible. Let them in on where you’ll be heading and do some research on the sites you’ll be passing by and tell them some fun facts. 

This will make them interested in their surroundings instead of looking at their screens for the entire drive. Also, remember to take as many rest stops as you can. Although you might be used to driving through the night without stretching your legs, it could be torture for your junior adventurers. 

When you take rest stops, consider giving each child a job or task to keep them busy and make them feel like they’re part of the adventure. One could be in charge of taking pictures, the other setting up the food, whatever they enjoy doing the most. 

3. Little Explorers: Use Field Maps

The younger your kids are, the more they’ll enjoy discovering new things on your off-road adventure. Hand them a roadmap or field guide to help them identify what they see and where they are. The older kids may be able to use traditional guides. But, for the juniors, you may want to get some picture-based nature books. 

This will come in handy when they spot a plant, animal, or even an insect trail because they’ll be able to immediately get information on what they’re looking at. 

4. Snack Breaks: Pack in Lots of Treats

All this exploring could make a grown adult snackish, so imagine how the kids could feel. Prepare plenty of snacks for your time on the road, as well as for rest stops. Trust us, they will love you for it. 

Also, remember to bring plenty of water along. Even if you’re going to be in the car for most of the journey, it’s important to stay hydrated in warmer temperatures or over more extended periods.

5. Sightseeing: Pick Trails/Roads With Cool Attractions 

As a long-time off-roader, we can understand that you appreciate the beauty of the remote, open road. However, your kids might go a little crazy from watching miles and miles of grass and windmills go by. 

Pick trails that have something that will interest everyone. Have you ever heard your child say ‘look, there’s a horse!’ while on a road trip? Exciting sites will keep your kids invested in the journey and ultimately want to go on more off-roading adventures with you. 

Overlanding With the Family in Your Classic Land Rover 

These days, we know it can be challenging to get your little ones interested in the world outside of social media and the newest iPhone. But there’s something about off-roading that, when done right, can bring everyone together. 

Test out our tips, or spice it up and make it your own according to what your kids enjoy. Before you know it, they’ll be pestering you about going on the next off-roading adventure. 

Contact us today, and we’ll build you a Defender that can take you and your family to the most remote locations. 


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