The Defender is a custom build 4×4 that can take you the distance. However, it’s both traditional and modern at the same time, which is why a classic Overland Defender is the only way to go. Furthermore, it’s a good blend of the past versus the present, which is why we believe it’ll be the custom build 4×4 of 2022. Here’s why. 

A powerful low-speed gearbox

If torque is what you’re after, torque is what you’ll get with a Landie. Sure, its gearbox comes with a low-speed transmission. But boy, does it purr with incredible power. Furthermore, what’s genius about a low-speed gearbox is that while it doesn’t have the speed you would have hoped for, it exceeds your expectations in other respects. Capable of scaling ascents as steep as sixty degrees and hauling weights of up to 15 tonnes, the Defender has certainly earned its bragging rights. In addition to this, its four-wheel drive capabilities distribute power equally to all its wheels so that it really can conquer most types of terrain. 

Unrivaled versatility

Indeed, times are changing. And with more and more flexibility comes the opportunity to do life (and adventure) on your own terms. Exploring the unknown and venturing into vast and unexplored landscapes has never been easier (or sweeter) than it is with a Defender by your side. Moreover, you really can pick and choose according to your own preferences. Look at it like this, with our Classic Overland Defenders; you can be the globetrotter you’ve always wanted to be. From the beauty of Africa to the mountainous ranges of the Himalayas to ripping up the terrain in the Wild West, you really can see and do it all. 

Eco-conscious exploration

Whether you refer to it as upgrading, upcycling, or just preferring used to new, you could think of investing in a custom build 4×4 as an eco-conscious investment decision.  According to research, buying a secondhand 4×4 benefits the environment more than a new vehicle because it doesn’t take a lot of time, energy, and resources to be built from scratch. So, if ever there was a reason to invest in a 4×4 of the future, it would be today. While also joining in on the green movement taking center stage worldwide. Furthermore, upgrading your Defender could be the exciting project you’ve been looking for. Plus, if you need some inspiration, take a look at these for great ideas on how to transform your used Defender into something much more eye-catching. 

It holds its value really well

While some vehicles won’t have a resale value at much more than their cost price over time, the opposite holds true for this iconic truck. In fact, it is one of those extreme vehicles that, if you’re looking to get your hands on a piece of British history, is still enjoyed by celebs, royals, as well as ordinary, everyday folk. And it still holds its value really well too!

It’s economical too

And lastly, if you were looking to save an extra buck to two in 2022, then a Land Rover Defender would be your best buy. Because when you buy a Land Rover Defender from Classic Overland, you’ll be getting a deal that’s worth talking about. While a brand-new Defender can put you out of pocket reasonably quickly, our restored Defenders, are a lot cheaper. Furthermore, a used Land Rover Defender with a diesel engine is generally considered more fuel-efficient than its gas counterparts. Not to mention more environmentally friendly too. 

The 4×4 of the 21st century and the future too

The future of the custom build 4×4 sure is looking bright. Perhaps brighter than ever before. So, if you want to get hold of one, now is the time to make the purchase of a lifetime. 

So don’t wait – contact us today at Classic Overland for more information. 

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