9 out of 10 vehicles we look at fail to make the cut.

Only the best

Classic Overland goes to great lengths to find high quality vintage Defenders before we ever begin the process of restoration. Once we find one, we remove all the nuts and bolts, do a full mechanical work-over, and any body work that needs to be done.

Better than 'Like-New'

We re-cover the interior in ripstop canvas, and are capable of a full paint job in house, if needed. We also equip the Defenders in house with overland accessories like Roof Racks, Roof Top Tents, Bull Bars, Spotlights, Winches, Hi-lift Jacks, Spades, Jerry Cans, and much more.

Hassle-Free and Secure

Once the vehicles are ready to ship, we begin the process of importation. Classic Overland has worked hard to establish relationships with the South African and American Governments to be able to bring these vehicles into the Unites States and have them officially deregistered and titled for our clients. This process insures that the vehicle you purchase from Classic Overland is 100% legal which adds security to your investment and adds tremendous value to the vehicle in the event you choose to sell it.

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