Renoster is an impeccable example of a bespoke complete off chassis restoration by Classic Overland. This 1992 Right-Hand Drive V8 3.5 with fuel injection was built for a client with property along the western continental divide. Fully outfitted with the Classic Overland package this truck is designed to go anywhere in comfort. Did we mention this Defender has a wet bar and a solar shower?!?! If you want to build a one of a kind overlanding Defender, contact us today.

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The Black rhino (Diceros bicomis) is found across southern, central and southeastern Africa. Male black rhinos can reach 13 feet in length, stand over five feet tall and weigh up to 4000 pounds (2 tons). Their horns are typically about 18 inches long, although overachievers have been known to sport horns that were nearly five feet long.