Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a brand new Land Rover Defender from overseas?

Unfortunately, no. In order to legally import a Defender into the U.S., it must be at least 25 years old, according to U.S. Law. There are a lot of competitors who try and cheat this system putting their clients at serious risk of losing their investment.

Why are Defenders so expensive?

It’s basic supply and demand. With so few produced for the U.S. Market and the Defender being the coolest car on the planet, people pay a lot of money for them. Now some companies charge over $100K for them. We try to keep our Defenders accessible to everyone, with options far below competitors pricing.

What are the main issues with Defenders?

The typical complaints from Defender owners usually have to do with Rust and Erosion. Fortunately, unlike our our competitors who buy their vehicles from the rain soaked UK, Classic Overland vehicles come from southern Africa which is arid with low humidity. Furthermore, as a company policy we do not buy vehicles with a lot of rust, but if there are minor signs of corrosion we repair it with new metal.

Are parts available?

Yes. With around 2 million Defenders produced and 70 percent still on the road, parts are still readily available. Most local mechanics find these vehicles easy to work on and when you need help with a part just contact us and we will help you get it.

Do you offer a warranty on the vehicles you sale?

No, Classic Overland does not offer any warranty of any kind on the vehicles we sell. However, we work very hard at restoring these timeless classics and getting them in excellent working order both aesthetically and mechanically.