A Special “Thank-You” From the Greene Family

By July 26, 2016Overland

The Drive Africa experience was, for our family, the most unique travel experience we have ever had. To get behind the wheel of a Defender and take it out on a photo-safari in Kruger Park was an extraordinary treat we will never forget.

Kruger Park is very large and expansive. Stebin along with the entire Classic Overland family guided us through the bush, maximizing the game viewing opportunities and sharing their knowledge of the wildlife. We covered a lot of terrain and were rewarded with unforgettable animal and bird sightings. The photography was far better than we could have ever imagined.

Back at our camp, we slept in rooftop tents under the stars on the banks of the Sabi River. We enjoyed South African Braai Cuisine – their unique and hearty take on outdoor grilling that made coming back to camp each night feel like coming home. Our son Jett played with all of the kids; Stebin, Sanford, Rozenka and Simon like only a bunch of cousins out camping can do. The rope swing over the Sabi River was a favorite.

Every day was an adventure and every night a celebration when we would enjoy the campfire and talk about the wildlife we had seen. One particularly eventful day we had spotted a herd of rhinos in the distance and parked to watch them. A few moments later they decided to head in our direction and then cross the dirt road in front of our Defender. To experience a herd of rhinoceros running at a light gallop was a majestic sight that will never be forgotten.

That night we learned the Afrikaner name for Black Rhinoceros was “Swart Renoster.” In lieu of the tragic plight these ancient and peaceful giants face by being hunted for their horns, we decided to name our Defender the “Swart Renoster” or Renoster for short.

And what a truck the Renoster is . . . The team at Classic-Overland has put together what we feel is an exceptional truck, truly customized for our family to enjoy here in the Colorado high country and beyond for the rest of our days of adventure. The restoration was led by Gerherd Du Tois (G for short) and his attention to detail is over-the-top. I truly feel that our truck is so unique that only G and the Classic-Overland team could produce it.

Soekie – thanks for all those great laughs and stories that cracked us up. I really enjoyed the cooking tips for the Potjke. Sara has some photos just for you.

G – thanks for answering my 999 questions about the specifications. A special thanks for that first Black Lable at camp on the first night. It had been a long time coming and lived up to both of our expectations. It was really fun to talk shop and gain a little bit of your mechanical insight. Last but not least – the wine country tour was sublime . . . And Renoster is a work of art.

Rozenka – thanks for being such a good friend to Jett, and for leading the kids version of “the best day of my life.” Your animal insight was very good as well.

Simon – thanks for being such a good hand at camp. You did a lot to make hosting us possible. I liked your stories very much too. You have some very big adventures in front of you. Thanks for showing Jett the great sport of rugby! It was one of his favorite things you did with him at camp.

Roos – thanks for everything you did to make our stay so welcoming and comfortable. Your attention to detail was incredible and we especially noticed how great you were with Jett and the kids. And thanks for the many, many laughs at the campfire.

Sanford – thanks for being a good buddy to Jett and exploring around the campsite together. It was great to have a kid his age on safari and you both were very good when double-buckeled.

Little Stebin – thanks for being a good friend to Jett and playing all those funny games that you made up. You are a great big brother!

Big Stebin – you are a great guide and it shows in our photos. Thanks for turning your story and experience with Roos and her wonderful family into a Big Idea concept that could be shared by our family on “our grand adventure.”

You all are welcome in Colorado anytime!

The Greene Family, Sara, Jett & Gene