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With Adventure In Mind

In the 140-year history of the automobile, only one can be associated with both queens and pig farmers. The Land Rover Defenders’ no-nonsense style appeals to everyone. Steve McQueen owned one. Paul McCartney wrote a song about one. Hell, even James Bond has traded in his Aston Martin for one, recently. Few will disagree that it’s among the greatest 4×4’s ever built, anywhere. Nothing screams adventure like a Land Rover Defender.

It’s with adventure in mind that Classic Overland works to bring meticulously restored, vintage Defenders, with state of the art accessories, into the United States.

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Custom build your Defender and drive it in Africa.

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Cummins R2.8

Powering your vintage Defender with modern-day technology.

The Cummins R2.8 gives reliable power in a modern new crate engine. It is the only diesel crate engine of its kind on the market. It has new technology that not only improves emissions and fuel economy, but also adds less maintenance.

With a broader torque and fuel range, it provides much higher performance than the stock Defender or LS platform.

The Cummins R2.8 paired with a new ZF 8HP70 transmission will give you a new modern drive train that no one else offers in the market today. Axis has created the first gateway controller for the 8speed transmission giving the consumer the feel of modern day technology in a vintage vehicle.

The R2.8 is the closest crate engine for the Defenders roots on power train choice. It keeps the original feel, but yet has more power and torque making it suitable for Urban areas and Overland driving. Long road trips more enjoyable with less stops, and the R2.8 delivers with an extended fuel range.